FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why watermark these images?

Watermarking provides a bit more security. Rest assured that your finalized images will be delivered without a watermark upon them.

What about the quality & resolution of my images? Will they look like these?

All images on this site have been resaved as JPEG’s, and resampled at 72ppi. This has been done in order to reduce file size and save space. Your final images will be delivered as high-resolution TIFF’s. You should notice a sizable improvement in the quality of your finalized images. Of course, you may request images be saved in any format & size that fits your needs.

How will I receive my images?

Images are burned to a CD in the TIFF format. We use only ARCHIVAL GOLD CD-R’s, which have an estimated storage lifespan of 100 years, when properly cared for. Disks should always be handled with care and kept in cases when not in use. Never scratch disks. Keep them clean and stored in a safe place.

What if I want prints?

If you prefer prints just ask. Pricing is dependant upon the numbers of prints requested and their output size.

What is an electronic transfer?

This simply means that an image will be sent by email. In this case, images are saved in the JPEG format.


Have additional questions?

E-mail us at info@DGHPHOTO.com